Perished Bodies

by Planks

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The fourth and final record we ever did....


released September 11, 2015

“Perished Bodies” by Planks

Planks: Benjamin Hintz, Marcel F. , Ralph Schmidt

All music written and performed by Planks.
All lyrics by Ralph Schmidt.
Recorded by Lari Eiden at Lunarcity Studio (Darmstadt).
(Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 .
Vocals recorded by Andy Rosczyk.
Mixed by Lari Eiden and Planks.
Artwork by Thomas Reitmayer (
Photographies by Michael Birmanns (
Additional Vocals on “She Is Alone” by Leonie Marie Löllmann of SVFFER.

Thank You:
Our families and loved ones, Frank Hörsch, Lari Eiden, Andy Rosczyk, Timo Siems (Golden Antenna Records), Leonie Marie Löllmann, Thomas Reitmayer, Michael Birmanns, Richard Postma (Tartarus Records) and to all the people who helped us out in any way during the eight years of our existence. We truly appreciate everything you made possible for us – this one's for you.



all rights reserved


Planks Mannheim, Germany

PLANKS 2007 - 2014
Three piece band from southern Germany. Recorded a lot of songs, played a lot of shows. We always despised phoney rockstar bullshit and rather tried to write thought-out songs.
Thanks to all the people who ever helped us out. -plks-
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Track Name: The Sacrifist, Pt.I (Through Dirge And Death)
All these open wounds filled with questions left unanswered
You never knew me and you never will!
How could I ever tell you?
There is a reason why all things must come to an end,
why souls return to gold.
You never knew me and you never will!
The blood in your mouth was always the truth.
How could I ever tell you?
In love as we're falling down I kept the skin that you live in.
Pleased and thankful – empty and hollow.
I gave you hope so I could lose mine.
Track Name: Nothing Will Ever Change
You said ‘Love will always win’.
I said ‘Hearts won’t turn from sin'.
Please stay through these nights when sadness derives.
At the end of the knife all I stole was your life.
How could I be close to anyone when I feel so far from what’s my own.
Please stay through these nights where lost souls survive.
At the end of all times all I lost was my life.
My heart is a hearse -immoral to you - immortal to me.
Track Name: Into Lifeless Embrace
With blood it started and with blood it will end,
to hold dominion between emptiness and being alive.
Where fear is the key, where nothing lasts,
you will find me, saved in sorrow.
Decarnate – a hope so broken.
The casket you know, the absence of light,
transcend a fallow graveyard of old times.
When nostalgia turns to negation you fall!
Sometimes you're only able to see straight when your eyes are filled with tears.
Track Name: She Is Alone
In my house behind the stairs I lingered low for thirty years
...She is alone
Falling down on wings turned frail the faces change, the fear remains.
A stranger's heart, the strangest heart.
...I am alone
In endless night where no one stares people change and heartbreak dares.
She lost the key to herself.
I lost the key to myself.
Track Name: Bliss In All Sorrows Found
Shaping truths to what I need it to be.
A soul revering singularity.
I still love this world!
Love is blind, when you need it the most,
the comfort of the man who walks alone.
The words refuse my tongue.
I’ll die alone, never colder.
Love is blind, when you need it the most.
The comfort of the man who walks alone.
I – Still – Love – This – World!
Hopelessly chasing, hopelessly losing.
The world consoles me and I don't care who I'll lose.
Track Name: Only Now
I would feel more sense
if I could sense what I could have.
I ceased to hope because I understood:
The loneliest place in hell is mine.
Life clings to me like a disease -
I don't fear death but to be the first to walk again.
There is nothing here for me.
There is nothing left to feel.
Track Name: Perished Bodies
~ Instrumental ~
Track Name: Sadness In Our Ignorance
Your face, so covetous, cuts my lungs
to destroy hollow-voiced compassion.
Your words, are the noose around my neck.
I wish you would, what you won't do.
In my holiest temple with eyes elusively moving
you elevate my heart with glare.
This beckon in banality conveys
you don't want me, but I need you.
Track Name: The Sacrifist, Pt.II (What Does Walking Away Leave Us?)
~ Instrumental ~